The annual review by Reporters Without Borders has said most of the 49 reporters killed this year were covering the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen.

But while fewer journalists are being killed while doing their job, more are being imprisoned.

The Paris-based watchdog says 389 journalists were locked up in 2019 - almost half of them in China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

And at least 57 journalists are held hostage mostly in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Ukraine.

Many others are facing just as much danger in supposedly peaceful countries, including in South America.

So is it the message or the messenger that is unsettling so many world leaders?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Sabrina Bennoui - Head of Middle East desk, Reporters Without Borders

Robert Gutsche - Associate professor, Lancaster University

Yusuf Kanli - Director of Media for Democracy Programme

Source: Al Jazeera News