Just a few months ago, Spain's acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez refused to form a government with the Podemos ("We Can") party.

Sanchez said he would have trouble sleeping at night if there were Podemos ministers in his government.

But he has now performed a political u-turn and agreed to partner the far-left party to form the country's first coalition cabinet in modern times.

The breakthrough came after Sanchez emerged as the weakened winner of Sunday's general election.

Spain's ruling Socialists party once again fell short of a majority, while the far-right Vox party became the third-most powerful political force.

The preliminary coalition deal could put an end to the political deadlock that followed April's inconclusive elections.

But in a fragmented political landscape, can it solve the country's many challenges?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Miguel-Anx Murado - Political commentator and contributor to New York Times and Guardian

Enric Ucelay Da-Ca - Senior professor emeritus at Pompeo Fabra University

Carlos Conde Solares - Senior lecturer at Northumbria University

Source: Al Jazeera News