Weeks of protests in Hong Kong were initially sparked by the introduction of a controversial extradition bill in parliament that would have seen people sent to mainland China to stand trial.

The government suspended the bill, with the chief executive even saying it was "dead".

But that has not satisfied tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong who are frustrated with what they see as growing political interference from Beijing.

The parliament in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory has been vandalised. Towns near the border with China have seen unprecedented rallies.

And police and protesters have faced-off in violent confrontations.

So what will it take to end the demonstrations?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen


Emily Lau - Former councillor at the Hong Kong Legislative Council and former chairwoman of the Democratic Party

James Palmer - Senior editor at Foreign Policy magazine 

Lawrence Ma - Chairman of the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation and member of the Silent Majority for Hong Kong political party

Source: Al Jazeera News