It has been nearly two months since Sudan's military deposed the long-time leader Omar al-Bashir

Talks on the country's political future have stalled and people are venting their frustration.

Opposition groups want the military to hand over power to a civilian leader, and they are defying warnings to end a sit-in outside the army's headquarters in Khartoum.

Meanwhile, supporters of the military council held a rival demonstration in the city, saying only the army can bring peace.

The United Nations is urging both sides to resume negotiations.

So, can they come together to find a solution?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Waleed Madibo - founder and president of Sudan Policy Forum

Nawal Osman - civil society activist who has been protesting since the demonstrations began in December

Awol Allo - senior lecturer at Keele University in the UK

Source: Al Jazeera News