China and Russia's leaders say their countries are closer than they've ever been, and that's partly due to what they see as a common threat.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin's meeting in St Petersburg was a display of the strength of their relationship, and also a show of solidarity against the United States.

Russia has been economically isolated for years due to Western sanctions over its invasion of Crimea in 2014.

Meanwhile, China is in the grip of a trade war with the US that has seen tariffs imposed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods.

But is this strategic partnership or a marriage of convenience?

And can Moscow and Beijing build a united front against Washington?


Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen


Viktor Olevich - political analyst and commentator on international relations

Einar Tangen - political and economic affairs commentator specialising in China

Steven Rogers - US military, security and defence analyst and member of Donald Trump for President Advisory Board


Source: Al Jazeera