Many refugees who hope to migrate to Europe from Africa end up in Libya first.

Those caught entering the country illegally are often placed in detention centres run by the UN-recognised government.

However, the government is locked in a battle with renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, who is advancing on the capital Tripoli.

As a result, these refugees are being denied basic necessities like food and water and, in a few cases, are being caught in the crossfire.

Even before the fighting began, a United Nations report based on refugee testimonies gave accounts of torture and other abuses they endure in Libya.

How can the problem of refugee neglect in Libya be tackled? Who should be held responsible?


Presenter: Imran Khan


Charlie Yaxley - UNHCR Global Spokesperson for Africa and the Mediterranean

Salah Al Bakkush - Libyan political analyst

Alberto Neidhart - policy analyst, European Policy Centre

Source: Al Jazeera News