As the United Nations marks the "International Day of UN Peacekeepers," a funding shortfall could threaten the missions carried out by the "Blue Helmets".

The UN secretary-general says the peacekeeping budget is two billion dollars short because member states are not paying their share on time.

The United States, the biggest contributor, owes more than one billion.

Recent peacekeeping missions in Haiti and Africa have also been implicated in controversies.

So, what can be done to improve the system of protecting the world's most vulnerable?

Presenter: Kamahl Santamaria


Mark Goldberg - Editor of UN Dispatch, a UN and global affairs news website

Mehari Taddele Maru - Scholar of peace and security in Africa, and former official at the African Union Commission

Awol Allo - Senior lecturer in law at Keele University

Source: Al Jazeera