European voters have dealt a blow to traditional centrist politics, with far-right and far-left parties making significant gains in the European Parliament elections.

A surge in support for liberal and green parties means pro-European Union politicians will maintain their majority in the 751-seat parliament.

But far-right and nationalist wins in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Poland give Eurosceptic parties control of a quarter of the seats for the first time.

The far-right's gains were fewer than expected and won't dramatically change the balance of power, but leave the European Parliament more fragmented than ever.  

As pro-EU parties retain their majority, what do the results mean for nationalists in the divided parliament?

Presenter: Barbara Serra


Nina Schick - author and political commentator 

Tony Travers - professor, School of Public Policy, London School of Economics

Thorsten Benner - cofounder and director, Global Public Policy Institute 

Source: Al Jazeera News