They are the results of the so-called "great debate".

After months of hearing complaints from the length and breadth of France, Emmanuel Macron has told TV viewers that he has listened to the cries for change.

He has responded to the biggest challenge to his presidency by offering some concessions to the yellow vest protesters.

They've brought Paris - and other cities - to a standstill every Saturday for months demanding cuts to the cost of living.

Macron is proposing lower taxes for some, pensions reform, stopping the closure of schools and hospitals - and making it easier to hold a referendum on vital issues.

There are other proposals too.

But are they enough to stop the riots and revolt against his ideas for the future of France?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Renaud Girard - chief foreign correspondent, Le Figaro newspaper

Charles Lichfield - european affairs analyst, Eurasia Group of consultants

Jacques Reland - head of European Research, Global Policy Institute

Source: Al Jazeera News