Yemen has been in a state of war for the past four years.

The United States has firmly backed the Saudi-UAE coalition which has been fighting Houthi rebels.

But repeated attacks on civilians by the coalition have drawn widespread international condemnation and have contributed to the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

Things could be about to change now.

A group of US senators is pushing to end Washington's support of the conflict.

The group of Democrats and Republicans, led by Senator Bernie Sanders, plans to resubmit a draft resolution the Senate passed in December but the House of Representatives rejected.

Sanders has issued a warning over America's continued role in the war.

But will President Donald Trump back the resolution?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Adam Baron - Visiting Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Scott Lucas - Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham

Catherine Shakdam - Researcher with Al-Bayan Center for Strategic Studies

Source: Al Jazeera News