Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the "daughter of democracy" to her supporters and an authoritarian to her critics.

She has been in and out of power for decades in her country and she is now likely to win a mandate for a record third straight term.

Millions of Bangladeshis have cast their votes in what was seen as a referendum on Hasina's ruling Awami League.

The elections have been marred by violence, accusations of a crackdown on opposition voices and complaints of vote-rigging.

Hasina's long-term rival is former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, but she has been in prison since February on corruption charges and is barred from taking part in the race.

So, will Bangladeshis vote for Hasina to stay in power?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Sultan Mahmud Shariff, president of the Awami League in the United Kingdom.

Shahab Enam Khan, professor of international relations at Jahangirnagar University.

Charu Lata Hogg, associate fellow of the Asia Pacific Programme at Chatham House.

Source: Al Jazeera