Britain's exit from the European Union has finally been agreed - but Brexit is far from a done deal.

While the UK remains deeply divided, EU leaders are due to sign the draft document in Brussels next week.

But first, MPs in London must approve. And Prime Minister Theresa May is under attack from her party, parliament and the public.

All criticising her for failing to negotiate better divorce terms to go it alone. She said it is the only deal that will work.

But failing to bow to demands to change the deal risks losing her job.

Conservative Party MPs are gathering support, hoping to trigger a vote of no confidence in her leadership.

So, can a deal be reached?  And what if there is no deal?

Presenter: Richelle Carey


James Savage - Chief executive at The Local news network in Europe

Thom Brooks - Author of Becoming British and professor of law and government at Durham Law School

Drew Liquerman - Campaigner for Scottish for Leave

Source: Al Jazeera News