British Prime Minister Theresa May is defending her plans for Brexit in the face of protest resignations of senior ministers belonging to her Conservative party.

Junior ministers, as well as two vice-chairs, have stepped down, following the resignations of Minister for Brexit David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who says: "The dream of Brexit is dying".

But May insists her current position will let the United Kingdom leave the European Union in a smooth and orderly way.

In Brussels, where she attended the NATO summit, she said her Brexit deal would protect jobs and British commitments to Northern Ireland.

But can she please everybody?

And can she convince EU leaders too?


Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Jonathan Lis - deputy director of business advisory group, British Influence

Nina Schick - director of data and polling, Rasmussen Global

John Johnstone - political reporter at Politics Home

Source: Al Jazeera