For more than three years, the people of Yemen have endured war, hunger and disease. The United Nations estimates that more than 10,000 people have been killed, and three-quarters of the population depend on international aid.

An attack by the Saudi-Emirati coalition on the city of Hudaida would make the situation even worse with disastrous consequences, humanitarian groups warn.

The Red Sea port has provided a lifeline - the gateway for 70 percent of Yemen's food supplies, half its fuel needs, and essential medicines for 22 million people.

Reuters news agency is reporting a possible breakthrough in attempts to end the conflict and has seen proposals for a peace plan written by the UN.

The report says the plan includes a call on the Houthi rebels to give up their ballistic missiles. In return, the Saudi-Emirati coalition would end its deadly bombing campaign.

Proposals for a transitional government would involve the Houthis, it says.

Is peace a possibility?


Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Hussain al-Bukhaiti - Houthi journalist

Muhsin Siddiquey - Oxfam International's director for Yemen 

Source: Al Jazeera News