Social media giant Facebook is under fire amid allegations that the data of millions of its users was misused for political ends. A British consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica, harvested the information through an online personality test.

This was allegedly used to help both Donald Trump's presidential campaign in the United States and groups in favour of Brexit, Britain's proposed exit from the European Union.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies wrongdoing, saying the creator of the personality test app acted illegally.

But that has not satisfied the US Congress, the UK parliament, or the European parliament. They have all summoned Zuckerberg to answer questions on user privacy.

Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica has suspended its CEO Alexander Nix.

What can Facebook do to protect its users' data?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Larry Magid - CEO of Connect

Jason Moon - Ethical hacker and internet security specialist

Gry Hasselbalch - Co-founder of

Source: Al Jazeera News