Egypt has gone from one political crisis to the next since a military coup in 2013. And with presidential elections just weeks away, the situation appears to get worse.

Last month, former army chief of staff General Sami Anan announced he would stand for elections - only to be arrested some weeks later.

Now, his former aide and Egypt's once state auditor, Hesham Geneina, has also been arrested.

During an interview with the Huffington Post Arabic network on Monday, Geneina had said he would release secret documents that could implicate senior government leaders, if Anan was harmed in any way.

With a controversial election just weeks away, how will this case be played out? And is there a rift within the Egyptian army?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Timothy Kaldas - non-resident fellow, Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, Cairo

Wafiq Moustafa - founder and chairman, The British-Arab Network

Maged Mandour - political analyst and columnist of Chronicles of the Arab Revolt at openDemocracy

Source: Al Jazeera News