More than 770 people have been arrested in Tunisia since protests against the government's austerity measures erupted last Sunday. 

The army was deployed to the streets of several cities and towns after protesters set fire to dozens of state buildings this week. At least one person has been killed in the protests.

The government, however, has vowed to stick to its budget.

The violence has prompted fears of instability in Tunisia, a country that is widely regarded as the only democratic success story from the Arab Spring uprisings.

The North African nation, however, has had nine governments since the overthrow of its longtime dictator in 2011. 

So, how will Tunisia resolve its deep-rooted economic problems? 

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Osama al-Saghir - MP with conservative Ennahdha Party and part of the ruling coalition

Nicholas Noe - Codirector of research group, Tunis Exchange

Mohamed Dhia Hammami - Independent research consultant

Source: Al Jazeera News