Decision day is fast approaching in Catalonia. Thursday's snap regional election was ordered by Spain's central government in Madrid after Catalans voted for independence in a referendum two months ago.

When the Catalan regional parliament in Barcelona declared outright independence in October, Spain's government cracked down hard, arguing they were upholding the constitution.

The Spanish government fired the leaders of the Catalan government and dissolved the regional parliament.

In a first for Spain, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy invoked Article 155 of the constitution and imposed direct control. With no international recognition and little sympathy from European Union countries, the secessionists were not able to implement their breakaway.

As voters go to the poll again, what's the mood there now?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Daniel Dascon - editor of the Spanish edition of Letras Libres, or Free Letters, magazine

Sonia Andolz - lecturer at the University of Barcelona and ESADE law school

Miguel-Anxo Murado - contributor to the New York Times and The Guardian

Source: Al Jazeera News