Humanitarian aid agencies are calling on Saudi Arabia to completely lift its air, sea and land blockade of Yemen. They are warning millions are at risk as aid supplies are blocked from getting into the country.

Yemen is also in the middle of a devastating cholera outbreak that has killed at least 2,000 people since April. Saudi Arabia now says it is opening some of the ports but workers at Hudaida port - the main entry point for relief supplies - say it remains shut.

The situation is made worse by a prolonged political crisis, with many of the players too deeply divided to find a solution.

So what is the solution for what the UN is calling the world's worst humanitarian crisis?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Hakim al-Masmari - Editor-in-chief, Yemen Post

Adam Baron - Visiting fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations

Rasha Muhrez - Director of Operations (Yemen), Save the Children

Source: Al Jazeera News