The Palestinian government has made its first trip back to the Gaza Strip after a decade in exile.

Fatah, which leads the government, was driven out of the territory in 2007 after a lost election and civil war with rival Hamas.

Rami Hamdallah, the Palestinian prime minister, was welcomed by large crowds and celebrations in Gaza City on Monday.

Hamas shut down its self-declared government in Gaza last month to pave the way for the reconciliation.

Both groups are trying to reactivate a unity government to rule both Gaza and the West Bank. Hamdallah says it is crucial for the Middle East peace process.

So, can the rift between Fatah and Hamas be bridged? And how is the peacemaking attempt being seen elsewhere in the region?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Ghazi Hamad - senior Hamas official

Mustafa Barghouti - secretary-general, Palestinian National Initiative

Ian Black - visiting senior fellow, Middle East Centre, London School of Economics

Source: Al Jazeera News