Sebastian Kurz has declared victory in Austria's national elections. He is on track to become the world's youngest leader.

Kurz's conservative People's Party won more than 31 percent of the vote. But it was not enough for a simple majority, so he will need to form a coalition government. That marriage is likely to be a union between his party and the far-right Freedom Party, locked in a tight race with the Social Democratic Party.

During the campaign, Kurz adopted a tough stance against refugees and immigration, as did the far-right candidate.

So, who is Kurz? And how is he likely to change Austria's political landscape?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Alexis Neuberg - Host of Radio Afrika TV.

Allyson Fiddler - Professor of German and Austrian Studies and author of the upcoming book The Art of Resisting: Cultural Protest against the Austrian Far Right

Matthew Goodwin - Senior visiting fellow at Chatham House's Europe programme

Source: Al Jazeera News