Should all countries in the European Union share the responsibility to deal with one of the world's largest refugee crises in recent history? That is the crux of the case facing judges at the leading court in the European Union.

The European Court of Justice is hearing lawsuits filed by Hungary and Slovakia, which are challenging the European Union's mandatory quota to accept asylum seekers.

The recommendation to the judges is to dismiss the challenge - they are due to make a final ruling later this year.

But how many refugees fleeing war and persecution have these countries accepted to provoke such a challenge?

Some are refusing to accept even one asylum seeker.

Why are they opposing the EU programme to resettle refugees across the continent? And is their refusal making the migrant crisis worse?

Presenter: Richelle Carey.


Catherine Woollard - European Council for Refugees and Exiles.

Wojciech Przybylski - Visegrad Insight.

Alice Jackson - Refugee camp volunteer.

Source: Al Jazeera