US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is reassuring European allies in NATO that the US still got their backs - but at a price.

At a NATO meeting in Brussels on Friday, Tillerson pressured member states to increase their defence spending.

He says he wants to see countries increase spending by the end of the year.

Germany is pushing back, saying that is not reachable.

But the US official wants NATO leaders to agree on spending policy at a meeting at the end of next month.

But what happens if NATO members do not increase their defence budget? And what does it say about the US' commitment to Europe?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Dietrich Von Kyaw - former German ambassador and permanent representative to the EU

Lawrence Korb - ex-US assistant secretary of defence

Marko Mihkelson - Estonian member of parliament and head of the Estonian delegation to NATO parliamentary assembly

Source: Al Jazeera News