US President Donald Trump has announced his nominee for the country's highest court, a man described as a "solid conservative".

If confirmed, Neil Gorsuch, 49, will be the youngest appointment to the Court in 25 years.

It's an influential job - and one for life. Trump says Gorsuch's decisions could "last a century or more".

The question many are asking is how he will deal with controversial legal issues in America such as abortion, gun control, and religious rights.

The White House and Congress are already in the hands of the Republicans.

The Supreme Court is the judicial branch of government, and Gorsuch's appointment would put Trump's administration in control of all three.

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Jonathan Morris - professor at George Washington University

Lynne Rambo - professor of law at Texas A&M University

Avis Jones-DeWeever - race and diversity expert

Source: Al Jazeera