Mahathir Mohamad says Malaysia is "controlled by thieves". 

The former prime minister is accusing his latest successor of stealing public money - lots of it.

So do thousands of protesters.

They defied a police ban in the capital Kuala Lumpur to demand the resignation of Najib Razak.

The prime minister denies stealing money pumped into a multibillion dollar government investment fund by foreign investors.

The long-running corruption scandal has given rise to a campaign to clean up government.

The political reform campaign is called Bersih – the Malay word for clean.

What now for one of Asia's most prosperous countries?

Presenter: Martine Dennis.


Marina Mahathir, daughter of former prime minister Mohamad Mahathir.
Michael Vatikiotis, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.
Ei Sun Oh, former aide to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Source: Al Jazeera News