US political conventions are usually seen as a coronation of a party's presidential candidate.

But any hope of projecting Republican unity at this year's convention was dashed when Ted Cruz refused to endorse his former rival, Donald Trump.

It wasn't a complete surprise. Cruz has previously described him as "utterly immoral", "a pathological liar" and "a narcissist". 

But it certainly added to some of the chaos and controversy at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

On this Inside Story we ask, does the Republican party have a clear message about why Trump deserves to be elected?

And what do events at the convention tell us about Trump's hopes of becoming US President?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Ian Bremmer - political scientist and president of the Eurasia group.

Lenny McAllister - Republican strategist and candidate for Congress.

Charlie Wolf - political commentator and former communications director of Republicans Abroad UK.

Source: Al Jazeera