The Brexit vote is causing the worst crisis the UK has seen in years and it is leaving Britons without political leadership when they need it most.

David Cameron, a caretaker prime minister following his resignation last week, insists that the UK needs fresh leadership in its Leave negotiations with the EU.

His ruling Conservative party has begun searching for a new leader. Boris Johnson, the pro-Leave, former mayor of London, is so far favourite to win.

The opposition Labour party is also in disarray. About 80 percent of Labour MPs backed a vote of no confidence in their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. But he is refusing to resign, saying that he has the backing of Labour party members across the country.

Both parties are choosing new leaders as speculation grows about an early election.

What is causing the lack of vision? And how is it complicating Britain's divorce from the EU?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Patrick Diamond - vice chair of the Policy Network think-tank

Tony Travers - director of LSE London, research centre at the London School of Economics

Sam Kriss - writer and journalist

Source: Al Jazeera