There is shock and anger in the UK after MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in the streets on Thursday.

Her husband has called on people to "fight against the hatred that killed her", and echoed a sentiment heard across the political spectrum, that she "believed in a better world and fought for it everyday of her life".

Early reports suggest her killing may have been politically motivated.

Witnesses reported hearing the gunman shout "Britain First" - the name of a far-right anti-immigration group in the UK.

The organisation has distanced itself from the attack.

But has an increasingly hostile debate about immigration and Britain's place in the European Union created the conditions that led to Thursday's attack?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Matthew Feldman - Professor of History at Teesside University

Richard Ensor - Deputy News Editor at The Economist

Sunny Hundal - Journalist and Blogger who focuses on counter-terrorism and identity politics

Source: Al Jazeera