"An unprecedented assault on freedom of expression."

That is how Al Jazeera Media Network is describing an Egyptian court's death sentences against two of its journalists.

Alaa Omar Mohamed Sablan and former director of news Ibrahim Helal were sentenced in absentia.

Asmaa Mohamed al-Khatib, identified as a reporter with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood news outlet, was also sentenced to death.

Al Jazeera categorically denies allegations that it was collaborating with former President Mohamed Morsi's elected government.

The case against Morsi, who is also facing charges of spying for Qatar, has been adjourned.

But he has already been sentenced to death and life in prison in three separate trials.

Saturday's sentences will now be examined by Egypt's Grand Mufti - the country's highest legal authority.

What implication will this case have for journalists inside Egypt? And press freedom around the world?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Abdel Fattah Fayed - Editor of Egyptian Affairs and Former Cairo Bureau Chief for Al Jazeera.

Saad Djebbar - International Lawyer.

Mohamad Elmasry - Egyptian Political Analyst and Professor of Communications at the University of North Alabama.

Source: Al Jazeera