Over the past 365 days, a coalition of mostly Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia has been conducting air strikes in Yemen.

Its main targets have been Houthi rebels who took control of the capital, Sanaa, and other areas in 2014.

The power grab forced the UN-backed president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia.

Since then, the fighting has destroyed much of the country and killed thousands of people.

Now, armed groups including ISIL (also known as ISIS) have become a serious threat in Yemen.

On Friday, several suicide bombers linked to ISIL killed dozens of people in the southern port city of Aden.

But, a glimpse of hope has emerged recently. Some Houthi leaders have held talks with Saudi officials with the aim of reaching a political deal.

The UN has also announced the warring sides are expected to meet soon for further talks on the future of the country.

So, will diplomacy work?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Hisham Al Omeisy - Political analyst

Khaled Batarfi - Senior columnist for the Saudi Gazette

Adam Baron - Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Source: Al Jazeera