Lebanon has long been an arena for competing regional powers.

And as the war in Syria drags on, regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran have sought to maintain their influence over the border in Lebanon.

Iran is the patron of the powerful Shia armed group, Hezbollah - a major player in Lebanese politics.

And now, Saudi Arabia, along with its allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council, have declared Hezbollah a "terrorist" organisation - a move Iran says will undermine regional peace efforts.

On this Inside Story we ask, will this have an effect on Hezbollah's influence? And what could it mean for Lebanon's fragile political situation?

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Jamil Wakim - Professor of history and international relations at the Lebanese University of Beirut

Nicholas Noe - Director of the Beirut Exchange and author of the book "Voice of Hezbollah"

Omar Mohamed - Research analyst with the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies and co-author of the book "The Gulf Military Balance"

Source: Al Jazeera