It was almost a year ago now, that Saudi Arabia launched Operation Decisive Storm.

An air campaign meant to quickly overthrow Houthi rebels who had taken control of Yemen's capital Sanaa.

That operation became an Arab coalition, then ground troops joined the fight as well.

Few thought Houthi rebels would be able to hold on to power this long.

But the coalition is now making gains. It has largely ended the Houthis' nine-month siege of Taiz - Yemen's third largest city.

Yemeni officials say that government troops have almost taken back the city entirely and they can now deliver aid to about 200,000 residents.

But what is the strategic value of Taiz? And how will this advance affect talks being held between Saudi officials and Houthi leaders?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Hisham Jaber - Retired Lebanese army general and strategic analyst

Mohammed Jumeh - Writer for Al Quds Al Arabi and political analyst

Adam Baron - Visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Source: Al Jazeera