The new president of the world governing body has promised to take football forward.

Gianni Infantino says: "We will restore the image and respect of FIFA and everyone in the world will be proud of us."

Following controversy, corruption scandals, arrests and sackings, Infantino succeeds Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA.

FIFA's Congress of delegates from around the world also overwhelmingly passed a set of reforms intended to make the organisation more transparent, professional and accountable.

The new president should face much closer scrutiny than Blatter did. He'll have less influence over the day-to-day management of business affairs and for the first time, the president's salary will be published.

So, as a new era kicks off, can Infantino make the changes demanded by many across the football world?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Jaimie Fuller, FIFA reform campaigner and chairman of sportwear company SKINS

Emanuel Medeiros, Chief executive of the International Centre for Sport Security

Dr Borja Garcia, Senior lecturer in sports policy at Loughborough University in the UK

Source: Al Jazeera