US President Barack Obama starts his final year in office focussing on gun control.

His efforts to press Congress to address the controversial issue of gun control have failed.

Republicans are sharply critical of Obama's proposed restrictions following more mass shootings across the US.

The powerful National Rifle Association is also gunning for Obama's plan

The president says his plan will not prevent mass shootings but will save many lives.

On Inside Story, an in-depth discussion on whether the new gun control measures can curb gun-related violence.

Presenter: Richelle Carey


Jerry Henry, a gun lobbyist and Executive Director of Georgia Carry dot org, an organization aimed at protecting the rights of people in Georgia to own and carry firearms.

John Rosenthal, founder and Chairman of Stop Handgun Violence. 

Nils Duquet, researcher at the Flemish Peace Institute.

Source: Al Jazeera