Denmark has long been seen as a champion of openness and tolerance.

But that reputation is looking shaky. The Danish government, like some other European countries, is considering applying drastic new rules that will curb the rights of refugees.

The UN says the plans could fuel fear and xenophobia. Others say the Danes are turning their backs on their international commitments.

Denmark took in a record 20,000 refugees last year. Making it one of the top destinations per capita for migrants.

But the debate over the new arrivals has become highly politicised. And, like elsewhere in Europe, tensions have begun to emerge between locals and the new arrivals.

So are plans to send refugees to camps outside cities, delay family reunifications and confiscate valuables justified? Or are they a violation of human rights?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Jonas Christoffersen - Executive Director, Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Kilian Kleinschmidt - Chairman, Switxboard consultancy.

Julian Lehmann - Refugee policy specialist, Global Public Policy Institute.

Source: Al Jazeera