Turkey blames a Syrian suicide bomber for killing of ten tourists in Istanbul. President Recep Tayyib Erdogan says Turkey is the primary target for what he called terrorist groups in the region.
Turkey's 400 kilometre long border with Syria is also the main entry point for foreign fighters from Europe joining ISIL. 

And Turkey hosts more than two million refugees escaping the war in Syria, by far the largest number held by any country.
So, will Ankara change its policies towards the Syrian crisis? And what's its plan to deal with the threat from ISIL?
Presenter: Peter Dobbie
Muhittin Ataman, Deputy General Coordinator for SETA, a Turkish-based political, economic and social research think tank.
Berkay Mandiraci, Turkey researcher at the International Crisis Group and Turkish foreign policy specialist.
Olivier Guitta, Managing Director of Global Strat consultancy firm.

Source: Al Jazeera