Sepp Blatter has been given a red card by FIFA.

World football's governing body says their president can not represent the organisation in any capacity for 90 days.

Also suspended is FIFA Vice President Michel Platini, who received a $2m payment from Blatter.

Platini has been a frontrunner to replace 79-year-old Blatter and his election hopes depend on whether he can overturn the suspension.

It is the latest embarrassment for Blatter, who continues to deny he is linked to the corruption scandal which has already seen top FIFA executives indicted.

So, is this the red card for FIFA's embattled chief?

And can FIFA clean up the beautiful game?
Presenter: Martince Dennis
James Dorsey, Author of the blog, The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer.
Bonita Mersiades, Co-founder of a New FIFA Now, an organisation pushing for football reform.
Gary Al-Smith, Ghana Editor for Supersport, Africa's Largest Sport Network

Source: Al Jazeera