The refugee crisis is unprecedented and unfolding before our eyes.

Every day, thousands of people fleeing war, poverty and oppression arrive on Europe's shores.

Their journey has been desperate and their arrival far from welcomed. But in the true spirit of "people power", the refugees have continued to push forward.

So much so, that EU leaders will now meet on Monday to discuss major changes to their migration laws.

Public outcry has also played a part. Leaders, like the UK's David Cameron and Australia's Tony Abbott have backtracked slightly.

They now say they will open their doors to more refugees.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people rallied in London on Saturday, calling for far greater support for refugees.

The protests in London are just one example of civilians taking action where governments have been slower to do so.

Tens of thousands of people also rallied in Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier this week, Danish civilians defied police by offering refugees free lifts towards Sweden even after being threatened with arrest.

So is People Power more important than we think?

And can it really change global policies?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


John Hilary - executive director of War on Want, one of the organisations supporting the Refugees Welcome Here rally

Martin Xuereb - Director of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Tino Sanandaji - Economist at the Swedish School of Economics

Source: Al Jazeera