It all began in 2011 with Syrians protesting and demanding change.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed. Millions have been forced to flee their country.

Still, there doesn't seem to be any clear solution to the conflict.

The situation on the ground has been complicated by Russia's recent decision to increase its military presence inside the country.

As world leaders gather in New York for the UN's annual summit, the US and its allies are reaching out to Iran with hopes of finding a solution.

Can Tehran deliver a solution to the Syria crisis? And why is President Bashar al-Assad now part of the solution?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


In Tehran: Hassan Ahmadian, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Research and Specialist on Iran, Middle East politics and security trends

In Dubai: Oubai Shahbandar, Managing Director of Orient Media

In Geneva: Jean-Marc Rickli, Associate Fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy


Source: Al Jazeera