On Thursday, 15 people were killed in one of the worst attacks against Saudi Arabia's security forces, at a mosque in the southwestern town of Abha, close to the border with Yemen.

And this is not the first time ISIL has targeted Saudi Arabia.

The armed group detonated a car bomb in the capital Riyadh last month, near the country's maximum security prison, injuring two security guards.

ISIL also claimed responsibility for two separate suicide attacks on Shia mosques in Qatif province at the end of May, where 25 people were killed.

Countries near Saudi Arabia have also been targeted in similar attacks.

On June 26, ISIL bombed a Shia mosque in Kuwait, killing 27 people.

ISIL also attacked a Tunisian hotel that same day - killing 38 people, mostly British tourists.

As ISIL sharpens its strategy and steps up its attacks in the region, what is the armed group trying to achieve? And can it be stopped?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Ahmed Alibrahim - Specialist on Saudi Arabia and a Political & Security Analyst.

Mouin Rabbani - Contributing Editor of the Middle East Report

Hardin Lang - Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress

Source: Al Jazeera