For Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Peter Greste, justice has been denied again.

A retrial widely criticised and condemned by the White House, the EU and the United Nations has resulted in a guilty verdict.

The Cairo court sentenced the journalists to at least three years in prison. Greste, who was tried in absentia and deported to Australia, will avoid imprisonment.

Six other Al Jazeera journalists have also been convicted in absentia. 

The verdict has been described as a deliberate attack on press freedom.

So, was this a political trial? And should journalists be locked up for doing their job?

Presenter: Mike Hanna 


Sherif Mansour - Middle East and North Africa Programme Coordinator at the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Sue Turton - Former Al Jazeera correspondent and convicted in absentia.

Source: Al Jazeera