The recent spate of attacks on Turkish soil heightens concern for its stability. NATO ambassadors have held a rare emergency meeting to review the threat ISIL poses to Turkey.

It called the meeting to talk about the growing instability on its southern border. Up until now, Turkey has been reluctant to get involved in the US-led coalition fight against ISIL. However, things have changed. Now Turkey is launching attacks inside Syria against ISIL and in northern Iraq against the Kurdish armed group, PKK.

It has also discussed a plan with the US to create a so-called buffer zone along its border with Syria.

But will it succeed in containing these threats? Or will it get further drawn into the conflict?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Muhittin Ataman - Deputy General Coordinator for SETA, a political, economic and social think-tank.

Wolfango Piccoli - Managing Director of Teneo Intelligence and co-author of Turkey at the Crossroads: Ottoman Legacies and a Greater Middle East.

Joshua Walker - military and security analyst and former US state department adviser to Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Source: Al Jazeera