Over the past 25 years, tens of thousands of people have died in the struggle for control and autonomy in Indian-administered Kashmir.

In recent years, the violence has receded.

But a new report by Amnesty International exposes a long history of impunity by Indian security forces in the region.

One that allows them to commit what Amnesty says are "grave human rights violations", which have gone unpunished.

The region has been a source of tension between India and Pakistan since partition in 1947. Each country controls parts of the area but both claim it in full; and they have gone to war many times in the past citing the issue.

How will the Indian government react to these latest findings? And will it change its controversial emergency law?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Rakesh Sinha - director of the India Policy Foundation.

Victoria Schofield - author of Kashmir in Conflict and Kashmir in the Crossfire.

Khurram Parvez - Kashmiri human rights activist.

Source: Al Jazeera