A video that shows a man suspended over a fire being burned is focusing attention on the human suffering in Iraq, and the country's sectarian divide.

The latest pictures released online appear to show members of a pro-government Shia militia burning a man they accuse of being a member of ISIL.

They are heard to taunt him, saying "these are the ISIL fighters, see what happens to them".

Militias in Iraq have been accused of widespread human rights violations against Sunni Muslims, including mass killings and torture.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi took office in September, promising to unify the nation in the fight against ISIL.

But is the Iraqi government doing enough to protect all of its citizens?

Presenter - Hashem Ahelbarra


Andreas Krieg - assistant professor at the defence studies department at King's College in London.

Mowaffak Al Rubaie – Iraqi member of parliament and former Iraqi national security adviser.

Mohamad Shaikhaili - a lawyer, and head of the National Center for Justice.

Source: Al Jazeera