The Macedonian government's current crisis started after alleged phone tapping was revealed by the opposition.

The government stands accused of spying on a wide range of people.

The recordings appear to show abuse of power, electoral fraud and a cover-up of murder.
Three ministers, including the interior minister, resigned last week but that has not stopped protesters from demanding the resignation of the entire government.
But is the phone tapping the only motive behind the ongoing turmoil? Or are other issues also involved? And why does Macedonia matter?
Presenter: Mike Hanna
Vladimir Bozhinovski, assistant professor of political science at the University of Skopje.
Pavel Felgenhauer, columnist for the Novaya Gazetta newspaper and specialist on Russia's foreign policy.
Nazim Rashidi, political analyst and columnist. Rashidi is also a media and policy adviser.

Source: Al Jazeera