It was billed as the most unpredictable UK election in decades - and the results have proven just that.

David Cameron's Conservative Party has secured its hold on the UK government, beating out the Labour party, by grabbing 331 of 650 seats in parliament.

The first Conservative PM since Margaret Thatcher to win a second term in office, Cameron says he hopes to form a government in the next few days

Meanwhile, Labour party leader Ed Miliband, has announced his resignation, saying he was "deeply sorry" and that Labour would one day bounce back.

So now that the results are in, what does the Conservative win mean for the UK economy?

The Conservatives have pledged to work closely with the Scottish National Party, and they've also talked about redefining the UK's relationship with the European Union.

But how exactly will these goals play out?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Tom Costley - Pollster at the UK's biggest polling organisation, TNS.

Matthew Goodwin - Associate Fellow at Chatham House.

Simon Mabon - Lecturer of Politics and Government at Lancaster University.

Source: Al Jazeera