There have been both peaceful demonstrations and violent protests in Baltimore after the death of a young black man while in police custody.

The police were singled out for protesters' anger; they are accused of brutality and there are demands for accountability.

For many, the tension in the US city reflects a deep-seated frustration among residents, particularly those in the black community.

The death of Freddie Gray has brought their grievances to the surface.

So, who is to blame for the violence? And is the government doing enough to address the social woes in Baltimore and other cities.

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Jamilah Lemieux - Senior editor for and a leading voice on race and gender issues in the US

Hubert Williams - Former deputy special adviser to the Police Commission in Los Angeles - involved in studying the police response during the Rodney King case

Kevin Powell - Public speaker, activist, and author of "Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and the Ghost of Dr King: Blogs and Essays"