The French government has raised security to its highest level after what President Francois Hollande branded as an act of "exceptional barbarism".

Twelve people were killed when two gunmen attacked the office of a satirical magazine in Paris that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad. 

Such cartoons are deemed offensive to Muslims. 

Hollande also condemned the shooting at Charlie Hebdo as an attack on freedom of speech, and France's culture and democracy. 

The incident is playing into an outburst of anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe. 

There have been a series of arson attacks on mosques in Sweden and Germany, and attacks on mosques in France have been reported since Wednesday’s shooting. 

So what impact will the Paris cartoon shooting have on Islam, security and the far right in Europe? 

Presenter: Sami Zeidan 


Khalid Albaih - Political cartoonist based in Doha. 

Catherine Guilyardi - French journalist and social commentator. 

Douglas Murray - Associate Director at the Henry Jackson Society.

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Source: Al Jazeera