The past year was a difficult one for journalists. The number of attacks and kidnappings of media workers soared. Carefully staged murders of reporters became all too common. And governments around the world increasingly used national security as an excuse to detain journalists and stifle criticism of their actions.
Some countries were more dangerous for journalists than others. The Middle East, and Syria in particular, was the worst place to be a journalist. China, Iran and Eritrea were among the countries that imprisoned the most journalists.
Freedom House says press freedom around the world is at its lowest level in a decade.
Inside Story takes a look at why the profession has got so dangerous, and what it will take to ensure journalists do their jobs safely.  
Presenter: Hazem Sika
William Horsley - International Director of the Centre for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield
Martin Schibbye - Freelance Journalist who spent 14 months in an Ethiopian prison after being found guilty of terrorism
Alison Bethel McKenzie - Executive Director of the International Press Institute.


Source: Al Jazeera