Tunisia's parliamentary elections on Sunday and the presidential vote next month will be the last steps along a tumultuous path to democracy.

There are two main political parties vying for votes. Nidaa Tounes, led by Beji Caid Essebsi, is a former parliament speaker who faces off against the Ennahda party's Islamic leaning Rachid Ghannouchi.

Tunisia has often been cited as the only success of the Arab revolts that swept the region in 2011. Tunisian political players have so far managed to agree on a constitution, sparing their country the chaos that has prevailed in Libya, Yemen and Syria. 

But will it be a smooth process? And can democracy be the answer to Tunisia's problems?

Presenter: Mike Hanna


Yusra Ghannouchi - spokeswoman for the Tunisian Ennahda Party.

Rabiâa Najlaoui - member of the Nidaa Tounes party.

Source: Al Jazeera